The Sweet Harlequin and Lazise! were in fact developed in our own greenhouses. Anyone who has ever visited the Garda Lake in Italy will perhaps recognize the name Lazise. We believe that the atmosphere of the fairy-tale village where we once spent a holiday together goes perfectly with the pink “natural surprise” in our greenhouses. The Harlequin is not only distinctive in variety; each individual flower has its own character as well. The color distribution of the blooming rose is a surprise every time, but always a beautiful one. Keukenhof visitors chose the red-white Harlequin as the most beautiful rose of 2016, which won us a Consumer Award.

Growing up among the roses

Our love for roses has flowed through the veins of our families for generations. Robert took his first steps in his father’s greenhouses and Ingrid grew up between chrysanthemum cuttings, just 20 kilometers away. In 1999, we took over from Robert’s father together. Since then, our three children have grown up among the roses.

Our company also expanded. Today, with approximately 60 employees, we cultivate 25 million flowers for the Netherlands and abroad. Every evening and early morning thousands of roses leave our premises to our customers and the Royal FloraHolland auctions in Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg and Rhein-Maas. Each rose receives equal attention. Some customers have special requests and in consultation, we tailor our bouquets to their exact specifications.

The same trade for decades

Our energy goes into creating the perfect conditions for the best flowers, from planting to vase. This is not a skill you learn from books; it’s something you learn through practice and based on natural ability. There has been much technological development in recent decades, but rose cutting remains the same. Looking carefully and reading the bush requires skill. And patience: you’ll see great results after six weeks, when another new rose has become ready to harvest.

People dedicated to the business

We work with rose growers who are passionate about their work. From young to old, Dutch and international. We provide good housing and train them with patience and attention to their personal talents. They more than pay back this devotion. Jan, for instance, has worked with us for over 40 years and he still talks with pride about the time he discovered the Sweet Harlequin. And every morning, Frans, Jan, Nico, Ed, Harm and Sary energetically teach their teams the tricks of the trade.

The two of us make a good team, partly because we do what makes us happy. Robert prefers seeing his roses ‘grow up’ with his own eyes; this is why you’ll mainly find him in the greenhouses, which he tends with heart and soul. Ingrid prefers to see roses as a final product. She coordinates the work in the shed, and ensures that all bouquets are beautiful and ready for departure. Thanks to this natural division of labor, the processes are well organized within our company and we have the space to arrange our process efficiently and enjoyably.

Reliable quality through innovation

By using natural enemies, we reduced our use of chemical pesticides by 90% in recent years. Partly thanks to Johan, who deals with pesticide scouting and implementation, we meet the requirements of MPS A+ and MPS-Socially Qualified: a certificate for sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship. We also look to the future in order to continue to provide the finest quality, including by annually rotating 20% of our crops in stages, rather than all at once. This keeps our crops at the right age, ensures continuity and allows us to try new things.

Like most farms, we work with advanced technology. This is logical, yet rose cultivation remains human work. Computers can tell you how hot and humid it is in our greenhouses, but you can only recognize the right conditions by feeling them on your skin. We work together with our roses, as they do with nature. This devotion is more than paid back by the roses in the form of the ultimate, most personal flower, with which to make a loved one happy, or which you’d enjoy receiving yourself.

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